Keynotes are developed based on the audience and theme of event. Below are examples of delivered keynotes.

Guiding Young Men Across the Rites of Passage Bridge; International Conference on the fatherhood — Atlanta, Georgia.

Mothers Raising Honorable Young Men; National Conference on Family and Community Violence Prevention — Houston, Texas

Mothers, Fathers, Children, and Elders, Healing Domestic Violence in Families; International Multicultural Conference on Domestic Violence — San Juan, Puerto Rico

Forging New Frontiers, Working with the Children's and Families in changing times; National Child Welfare Resource Center — Portland, Maine

The Interconnected Journey, Diversity in the Classroom; The Colorado School Mediation Conference

Elders' Wisdom, Respecting the Knowledge of Long Walkers; New Mexico State Agency on Aging

Curando con Dignidad, Healing with Dignity; National Hispanic Family Conference — Northern Illinois University

Guiding and Motivating Staff with Super-Vision; National Human Resources Conference — Albany, Georgia

My Father's Hat: The Importance of Father Involvement in Youth Development; Twelfth Annual Drug Prevention Conference — Houston, Texas

Storytelling as a Way of Teaching and Healing; California Library Conference — Los Angeles, California

"El Hombre Noble," the Noble Man; Mujeres National Association Conference — Denver, Colorado

Raising Children In Tough Times; California Teacher's Association Conference — Anaheim, California

The Healing Tree; National Council for the Prevention of Child Abuse — Chicago, Illinois

Communication with Dignity: Effective Patient Education in a Pediatric Setting — Anaheim, California

Raising Non-Violent Children in a Violent Society; Community Mobilization Conference — Pasadena, California

Precious Rooted Seed: Nurturing and Teaching Children; National Association for the Education of Young Children — Anaheim, California